lo·crate v. lo·crat·ed, lo·crat·ing, lo·crates
1.To locate by rating: they locrated the school using locrating.com

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The most accurate and frequently updated data

Schools are being continually inspected throughout the year.

Whereas most other school guides update their data only once or twice a year, we refresh our data every two to four weeks to ensure you are equipped with the very latest, most relevant information and inspection reports.

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our data, which is down to our fastidious data processing. We continually compare ourselves with other providers (big names and small) and believe that we are offering by far the most superior data.

Inspection reports and exam results

We continually collate, cross reference and cleanse data from a large array of sources, including:

Independent Schools Inspectorate
Bridge Schools Inspectorate
School Inspection Service
Estyn (Wales)
Education Training Inspectorate(NI)
Education Scotland
Department of Education (England)
Welsh Government
Education Scotland
Department of Education (NI)
Independent Schools Council

Unique school catchment indicator

By analysing where the most recent intake of pupils currently live, we are able to provide catchment area indicators around schools.

Uniquely to us, we have removed pupils who are given priority over distance, such as siblings and children with special educational needs.

Siblings typically make up a third or more of an intake and are usually given priority over more local children, which can dramatically distort the perceived catchment area of a school.

Zoopla properties

Our partnership with Zoopla allows us to display all properties currently listed for sale or rent on Zoopla.

You can easily browse photos, floorplans, descriptions and price changes, arrange viewings and even create your own shortlist of properties for side by side comparison, viewing at a later date or sharing with friends.

Create school and property shortlists

You can quickly and easily create your own school and property shortlists; by clicking the heart icon at the top of a pop-up window.

You can then compare your shortlisted items side by side, share your shortlists with friends and/or save them for use later.

We save your shortlists in a cookie for you, so they are retained between browsing sessions.

League tables and school rankings

Our league tables and school rankings are calculated by comparing the performance of pupils in the key school phases, i.e. key stage 2, GCSE and A-Level.

You can view our primary and secondary school league tables here.

You can also view local league tables when using our map by clicking on the "Schools Currently in View" button and sorting by key stage 2, GCSE or A-Level results.

Academy conversions

A lot of schools have or are currently converting to academies.

When a school converts to an academy the old school is listed as closed and a new one listed as opened in its place.

However exam results and inspection reports from the old school are still relevant, at least until the new academy has proven itself. Hence, we display inspection and performance data from the old school with the new academy.


Identify areas that are within a certain commuting time from your home or work using our National Rail commuting page.

Unfortunately, our commuting page has been deprecated, as we now focus all our efforts on schools. The page has however been left active due to the large number of requests we have had to do so. We're afraid the data will not be updated beyond 2016, however it is likely to remain relevant for many years, as the rail network changes infrequently. Click here to access the page.