Apples and Honey, The Nursery on the Common

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Apples and Honey, The Nursery on the Common

Name Apples and Honey, The Nursery on the Common
Ofsted Inspections
Address Address: 1 Queensmere Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 5QD
Type Childcare on Non-Domestic Premises, Sessional day care
Gender Mixed
Local Authority Wandsworth
Highlights from Latest Inspection

What is it like to attend this early years setting?

The provision is outstanding

Children flourish in this outstanding nursery. Leaders have exceptionally high expectations for every child. This is matched by the excellent teaching skills of the staff team.

Children are consistently engaged, excited and interested, and enjoy exploring the excellent range of learning experiences. They make the most of opportunities to develop their interests, and rapidly build on their skills and knowledge. Children are captivated by meaningful activities that ensure they are highly motivated to learn.

For example, following a discussion on feelings and emotions, children decided to build a hospital in order make people feel better. They used their imagination and practised mark making as they drew designs for their hospital. They used their physical abilities and worked together, developing important social skills as they brought their design to life with the large construction materials.

Children's behaviour is impeccable. They learn to listen to the views of others and accept each other's ideas. Children manage their own behaviour well.

They show high levels of resilience and older children solve minor difficulties or disagreements independently. Children learn to respect differences between themselves and others, which will help them to live successfully in British society. They have formed exceptionally close and caring bonds with staff, who are calm, nurturing role models.

This ensures that children feel safe and thoroughly enjoy their time at the nursery.

What does the early years setting do well and what does it need to do better?

Leaders are ambitious and inspiring. They successfully combine their expertise, experience and knowledge of children to provide an exceptional learning environment.

Alongside the well-qualified staff team, leaders develop an aspirational curriculum that supports children's educational needs and emotional security. Experiences for children are extremely well planned to make the most of their skills and knowledge, and build on these in consistent and coherent ways.Staff understand the children exceptionally well.

They deliver activities in ways that promote children's independence, curiosity and sense of wonder. They plan topic work around children's interests and skilfully adapt their teaching to children's individual abilities. This ensures that all children benefit as much as possible from the excellent range of learning experiences.

Parents comment on the excellent emotional support their children receive. They recognise that this enables their children to settle in quickly and feel secure and happy. Parents make comments such as, 'Not only is my child exceptionally safe, they are also genuinely loved by the staff.'

All children make excellent progress. Additional funding is used fully effectively to enhance children's experiences and deliver their full entitlement to early education. Plans for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities, and for those who speak English as an additional language, are excellent.

Interventions are precisely targeted, and teaching is consistent. Staff work effectively with other agencies and professionals to give children the best possible start in life.Leaders and staff are utterly committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.

There is a strong connection to the local community, which is celebrated and strengthened through regular outings and visits. For example, staff and children host regular activities and lunches for elderly members of their community.Parents speak of the nursery as a 'family'.

They value the opportunities to share in their children's learning experiences. For instance, staff, children and families of different faiths and beliefs come together for the weekly celebration of the Jewish Sabbath, Shabbat.Children eagerly develop their skills in mathematics and literacy.

They confidently estimate, measure and count during building activities. They draw pictures and make marks to represent their ideas and experiences. Staff use an exceptionally well-planned reading scheme, which helps children to develop the skills and aptitude to become successful readers.

Children have a positive and enthusiastic attitude to learning. They are highly motivated, independent and confident. Throughout the day they remain purposefully engaged as they explore their own interests and participate in activities led by the highly skilled staff.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.Managers and staff have an excellent understanding of safeguarding issues. They know how to take prompt and effective action should they have any concerns about children's welfare.

Staff know the procedures for reporting allegations and how to escalate concerns to professionals outside of the nursery, if necessary. They supervise children well, and ensure a safe environment is maintained for them. Staff have a very good understanding of the signs that indicate a child may be at risk of harm, including from radical and extreme views.