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About Downsbrook Out of School Club

Name Downsbrook Out of School Club
Address Downsbrook Middle School, Dominion Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 8GD
Phase Childcare on Non-Domestic Premises, Out-of day care
Gender Mixed
Local Authority WestSussex
Highlights from Latest Inspection

What is it like to attend this early years setting?

This provision meets requirements Children arrive at the out-of-school club happy, content and confident, showing they feel safe and secure. They settle very quickly and enjoy making choices in their play. They independently select what they want to play with from a good selection of resources, and confidently express their needs and preferences.

Children are interested and motivated in their play. They engage well in their chosen activity and pay attention to detail. For example, they enthusiastically chat and giggle after accidently adding too much flour to 'wet sticky play dough'.

Staff promote children's communication and language skills very well. The...y engage in meaningful conversations and introduce new words that extend children's language during play opportunities. Children are extremely polite and behave well.

They clearly know the out-of-school club rules, boundaries and routines. They have an excellent understanding of how to stay safe. For example, they routinely ask permission before going into the playground and readily record their own name on the board before going outside.

They freely assist with tasks such as tidying up before moving on to the next activity.

What does the early years setting do well and what does it need to do better?

Children show high levels of independence and have very good imaginations. They thoroughly enjoy acting out real-life experiences.

For example, they confidently invite others to the role-play kitchen, using equipment to prepare 'hot chocolate drinks and pasta meals'. They are curious and inquisitive to explore the process of sieving wet mud to make dry fine dirt. Children chat and giggle with each other as they negotiate roles and talk about the process.

Children have access to a wide range of books and develop an interest in stories. For example, children invite the inspector to share the 'Earth' book. They show great excitement and interest learning about volcanoes, earthquakes and rivers.

Children demonstrate high levels of respect for other children's belongings, such as the book that they share.Staff are experienced and confident. They provide a welcoming, stimulating and nurturing environment for all children.

Children have free access to a range of opportunities and experiences, including art and craft resources, a designated homework area, imagination play, games, books and numerous physical play resources, to expand their own interests and development.Children understand the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles, through healthy eating, physical exercise and spending time outdoors. They have free access to a vast selection of outdoor resources and activities.

Children thoroughly enjoy outdoor play. They develop their physical skills as they ride scooters, play ball games, practice skipping and make up obstacle courses. This helps children develop the skills they will need in their future learning.

Staff are positive role models and have good expectations of children's behaviour and what they can achieve. They offer gentle reminders, when needed, about the importance of sharing and taking turns.Parents are complimentary about the out-of-school club and the care that the staff provide.

They value the support staff offer them and their children.The management team are experienced and effective. They routinely evaluate the out-of-school club and are open to suggestions on ways to improve.

For example, 'junior club leaders' and children's meetings are truly valued, ensuring children feel included in any changes or recommendations. The management team work hard to ensure they recruit suitable and enthusiastic staff.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

Staff are enthusiastic about training and are eager to increase their professional knowledge. They have all completed safeguarding and paediatric first-aid training. They all have a firm understanding of how to protect children from harm.

Staff recognise the signs that indicate a child might be at risk and know the action they should take should they have a concern. Safer recruitment procedures are in place to ensure adults working with children are suitable to do so. Management has created and implemented a comprehensive induction programme to ensure staff are well prepared for their roles.

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