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Friends Day Nursery Limited - Ash

Name Friends Day Nursery Limited - Ash
Ofsted Inspections
Address Manor Road, Aldershot, GU12 6QH
Type Childcare on Non-Domestic Premises, Full day care
Gender Mixed
Local Authority Surrey
Catchment Area Indicator Available No
Last Distance Offered Available No
Highlights from Latest Inspection

What is it like to attend this early years setting?

The provision is outstanding

Children are extremely caring to each other and show exceptionally positive attitudes towards their play and learning. They very clearly demonstrate that they feel safe and secure in the staff’s care.

Children are highly motivated to try new experiences and listen attentively to staff’s instructions about how to build a wormery. They question, investigate, enthusiastically explore and are highly engaged in their learning. Staff challenge children to think and reason, building on what children already know and extending their learning to the highest levels.

Children develop very high levels of independence. They prepare snacks for their friends, set the tables for meal times and take obvious pride in looking after their learning environments. Children are exceptionally confident and share their achievements with visitors.

Throughout the nursery, children’s uniqueness is celebrated and valued. Children learn about different cultures and communities as they visit the local area and travel on public transport. Children share special events from home with their friends.

Young children sleep soundly in the fresh air after lunch. They wake up fully refreshed and ready to learn again. Staff support children’s emotional development exceptionally well.

Children learn from the earliest age to identify their feelings and emotions. They remind each other of the nursery ’goals and values’. Children independently take turns, solve problems and share resources.

What does the early years setting do well and what does it need to do better?

The manager has an exceptionally high focus on continually improving staff practice. The impact of staff training is clearly seen in the extremely high-quality activities and environment that staff provide for children to play and learn in. Staff introduced ’listening ears’, for example, to help children focus on listening activities and support their early reading skills.

Staff know the children in their care very well. They know what children like to do and what activities to plan to extend their learning further. Younger children especially like the excellent superhero resources that help them manage their feelings and behaviour.

Staff are exceptional role models and children’s behaviour is exemplary for their age.Staff use exciting activities to support children’s developing speech. They inspire children to want to speak, introduce new words and support children to develop a voice to be heard.

Chatterboxes, engaging story times, enthusiastic song times and family books are all highly stimulating. Staff ask thought-provoking questions to effectively challenge children to describe, predict and use an extensive vocabulary. Children develop excellent communication skills.

Staff very clearly understand how to support children’s emotional development.They use a highly effective and nurturing ’comfort approach’ to help children settle into the nursery quickly. The key person system is superb and children receive individual quality time with their familiar adult.

Children flourish in the remarkably caring, calm and purposeful atmosphere that staff foster throughout the nursery.Parents are extremely complimentary about the outstanding quality of care and support their children receive from staff. Staff pay meticulous attention to detail and fully involve parents with their thorough communication about the children’s time at nursery.

Staff provide meaningful experiences for children to support their learning. Ginger scented dough is highly stimulating to younger children and staff encourage children to re-tell familiar stories using the models they make. Older children are exceptionally motivated to learn about sizes, shapes and measures as they explore the worms they find in the forest school garden.

Staff support children’s early mathematical skills very effectively.Staff use children’s assessment data extremely effectively to ensure the curriculum is broad, consistently challenging and meets children’s learning needs. Children build on their learning as they progress through the nursery and make remarkable progress.

A highly consistent approach to care routines, behaviour management and expectations in all rooms helps ensure children feel extremely safe, secure and ready to learn.The staff work together as a very efficient team to support children’s learning to the highest levels. The manager is exceptionally enthusiastic and inspirational.

She knows her staff team very well. Staff report that their well-being is extremely important to the manager and they feel highly valued.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

All staff are very knowledgeable about current safeguarding issues. The manager ensures they keep their knowledge up-to-date through discussions and by attending training. Staff fully understand their responsibility to promote children’s well-being to the highest levels and keep children safe at all times.

They have an excellent knowledge of the procedures to follow if they have any concerns about any child, parent or member of staff. The manager ensures staff are suitable to work with children and she very effectively monitors the quality of their practice regularly. The nursery is extremely secure, clean and tidy for children to play and learn in.