Little Angels Day Nursery

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About Little Angels Day Nursery

Name Little Angels Day Nursery
Ofsted Inspections
Address The Old Sub Station, Silcock Street, Goldborne, Warrington, WA3 3DG
Type Childcare on Non-Domestic Premises, Full day care
Gender Mixed
Local Authority Wigan
Highlights from Latest Inspection

What is it like to attend this early years setting?

The provision is outstanding

Children blossom in this extremely caring and nurturing nursery.

The manager and her dedicated staff team continually strive to ensure that children receive the best possible start in life. Their holistic approach means that they support families effectively, alongside the care they offer to the children. The highly effective settling-in procedures mean that staff know children exceptionally well before they start.

This helps children to settle quickly. Even on their first day, children are immediately at home in the nursery. The nursery environment has been uniquely designed to spark children's curiosity and in...quisitiveness.

Staff are attuned to children's needs and skilfully draw on their likes and interests to further engage them in learning. Parents comment that staff at the nursery become part of their family, such is the exceptional level of care provided. The quality of teaching is of a consistently high standard.

Staff innately act as outstanding role models to the children and have high expectations of them. The impact of this is seen in the calm and peaceful atmosphere in the nursery. Children treat each other and staff with the utmost respect and their behaviour is impeccable.

They are considerate and they help each other. They share toys and use good manners. Children are highly confident and independent learners.

Staff praise children and encourage them to have a go. Children show determination in their efforts to succeed.

What does the early years setting do well and what does it need to do better?

Staff have a precise understanding of the needs of the children in their care and know what they need to do to help children progress.

Staff know about children's favourite toys and characters and provide sensitive care if children have any specific fears. Understanding the unique nature of each child helps staff to support children most effectively. Milestone moments happen on a daily basis.

Children start to use new words, become more sociable, and get involved in messy play activities for the first time because of the emotional support staff give them. Staff model speech particularly well and develop children's speaking skills through singing and reading. Children show their delight in response to staff's enthusiastic storytelling.

They laugh and joke when puppets are used to bring activities to life. Young children make marks and enjoy painting activities. They joyfully repeat 'stamp, stamp' and 'dab, dab' while doing these actions.

Older children are challenged to understand mathematical concepts. For example, they confidently identify two- and three-dimensional shapes during their play.Throughout the nursery, children are kind and caring to each other and understand right from wrong.

Children praise each other and mirror the recognition staff give them for trying their best. Children are keen to show what they know. They handle books with care and make attempts at early reading.

Children happily hunt for spiders outside and encourage their friends to join in and take part in their play.Children have the opportunity to learn about others in their community. Visits take place to a local care home, where children are able to interact with the older generation.

They learn about the past and share experiences that also enrich the lives of the residents. Children learn about similarities and differences and celebrate diversity. The exceptional relationships staff have with children are key to the success of the nursery.

Staff share information about children's progress with parents on a daily basis. They share ideas about how to support children's learning at home.The manager is unwavering in her ambition to provide the best possible outcomes for children at the nursery.

There are highly effective processes in place to support staff to improve their practice. Staff are supported to improve the quality of their teaching through peer observations and leadership moderations. Those with responsibilities for leading on safeguarding and supporting children with special educational needs and/or disabilities are particularly well trained and experienced.

This ensures that priority is given to those children who need the most support. The manager is particularly considerate about staff responsibilities and ensures that they have the time they need to manage their workload. The manager acknowledges and rewards staff for the exceptional job they do.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.Staff and leaders at the nursery are fully committed to safeguarding children in their care. Staff get to know the families of children well.

They understand precisely what support children and their families need and use this to ensure that children thrive. The safeguarding lead at the nursery is highly skilled. She ensures that staff receive regular training to maintain up-to-date knowledge pertinent to the needs of the children.

This results in staff having deeply embedded knowledge of the indicators of abuse, as well as wider safeguarding matters. Staff act without delay to report concerns and keep children safe. Partnership working with other professionals involved in safeguarding matters is highly successful.