Rainbow Day Nursery West Wickham

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About Rainbow Day Nursery West Wickham

Name Rainbow Day Nursery West Wickham
Ofsted Inspections
Address Hawes Down Centre, Hawes Lane, West Wickham, BR4 9AE
Phase Childcare on Non-Domestic Premises, Full day care
Gender Mixed
Local Authority Bromley
Highlights from Latest Inspection

What is it like to attend this early years setting?

The provision is outstanding

Children thrive at this nursery where they receive a wealth of excellent learning experiences. Children form exceptionally strong bonds with the adults that care for them, helping them to feel safe and secure. They confidently explore the highly stimulating environment and benefit from a vast range of multisensory experiences.

Babies show wonder as they explore a range of textures, such as oats and shaving foam. They move their hands through the substances and laugh as they pat their hands together to transfer the mixture.Toddlers are imaginative as they pretend to make 'parsley soup' using soil and leaves.

They... chat with their peers and proudly show what they have made. They demonstrate well-developed language skills as they talk about needing to put the soup in the oven to cook. They hold up their fingers to show the soup needs to be in the oven for 'five minutes'.

Older children learn about growth. They plant seeds and talk about plants needing sunlight and water to grow. They independently incorporate mathematical concepts as they count out seeds and talk about quantities and measures.

Staff skilfully introduce new language, such as 'allotment'. Children learn new things and concepts. Interesting discussions are held about the benefits of growing our own food as opposed to shopping in supermarkets.

Children behave exceptionally well. Staff skilfully support children who may need extra help to manage their feelings. Children learn to self-regulate their own behaviour and staff show patience and kindness.

Children are supported to talk about their feelings and emotions. All children have choices and their opinions and interests are valued. Older children confidently vote for what story they would like to listen to.

Younger children learn to share and take turns. They are sensitive to each other's feelings when the accidently bump into each other and stop to give a hug and say sorry.

What does the early years setting do well and what does it need to do better?

Leaders and managers have high expectations for all children to receive excellent quality care.

Robust evaluative systems are securely embedded to ensure continuous improvement within the nursery. Leaders use early years research well to shape how the curriculum is planned to help chidlren make the best possible progress.Staff say they enjoy working at the nursery and value opportunities for professional development.

They feel supported by the management team, who are considerate of their personal circumstances. Leaders and managers place high importance on staff's well-being. All leaders and managers have completed mental health first-aid training to provide guidance to staff if needed.

Children benefit greatly from the outstanding focus placed on meeting and developing their personal, social, and emotional needs. Staff know the children they care for exceptionally well. They demonstrate a deep understanding of children's learning needs and consistently deliver high-quality interactions that effectively build on what children know.

Children react very positively to staff during their play and show high levels of engagement from a young age.There is a strong focus on outdoor learning for all age ranges. Staff recognise the importance of allowing children to explore outdoors and to take managed risks.

They provide highly stimulating and tactile learning opportunities. Children confidently experiment as they pour water down guttering and talk about how fast the water runs. They show well-developed physical skills as they balance on tree stumps and expertly use the climbing wall.

Children learn to care for the environment through topics, such as reducing waste. Children know where recyclable materials should go. Staff ensure children have meaningful experiences to develop their understanding further.

They completed an activity where they sorted out unwanted nursery books to take to the charity shop and then purchased some replacement ones to enjoy.Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities are extremely well supported. Staff work very closely with parents and other professionals to support children's progress and to meet individual needs.

This ensures that children receive consistent high-quality care. Staff make excellent use of visual prompts and use signs to provide additional support with communication. Additional funding is used well.

Staff have purchased new resources, such as story boards, to help develop children's language.Parents speak enthusiastically about their children's experiences at the nursery, they love the outdoor environment. They find the staff team friendly and receive excellent communication.

Parents say their children have made very good progress, particularly with their language and communication. Staff provide helpful guidance to support parents with children's learning. For example, parents had the opportunity to attend a workshop on how to support children safely with 'risky play'.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.Staff have an excellent knowledge about a wide range of indicators that children may be at risk of harm. They confidently describe the correct procedures to be followed if they are concerned about a child.

Leaders and managers give high priority to all aspects of safeguarding. They ensure staff keep up to date with regular training. Opportunities are maximised to have regular group discussions about a broad range of safeguarding matters.

Staff teach children how to keep themselves safe through everyday routines. Children know that they should not walk around while holding scissors. They confidently talk about the importance of keeping themselves protected from the sun during hot weather.

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