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School Heatmaps

Insightful heatmaps showing variations across England

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Successful applications

Explore regional variations in the percentage of children offered their first or second choice school.

Exam performance

Gain insight into which regions in England have higher or lower average exam performance.

Grammar schools

Identify the areas which still have grammar schools and in which percentage.

Local Authority Heatmaps

Local Authorities

We know the Local Authority of every state primary and secondary school in England, this enables us to analyse the data we hold for each school and aggregate it at a Local Authority level.

Ofsted reports

Of particular interest are our heatmaps showing average Ofsted inspection rating by Local Authority for both primary and secondary schools.

School Measures

We've provided the following Local Authority heatmaps:

  • Average primary school Ofsted inspection rating.
  • Average secondary school Ofsted inspection rating.
  • Percentage of pupils meetings Key Stage 2 expected level.
  • Percentage of pupils meetings Key Stage 2 higher level.
  • Average GCSE (Key Stage 4) Attainment 8 score.
  • Average GCSE (Key Stage 4) Progress 8 score.
  • Average A-Level and equivalent (Key Stage 5) points (best 3 subjects).
  • Percentage of parents who would recommend their child's school.
  • Percentage of pupils eligible for free school meals.
  • Percentage of persistent absence.
  • Percentage of Grammar schools.
  • Percentage of children offered their first choice primary school.
  • Percentage of children offered their second choice primary school.
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    Breakdown by Local Authority