Schools Information for the Local Authority of Thurrock

Percentage of pupils who where offered their first choice primary school 87.71%
(Based on 2344 School Applications)
Percentage of pupils who where offered their first choice secondary school 76.77%
(Based on 2484 School Applications)
Percentage of pupils achieving the Key Stage 2 expected level 71.08%
(Based on 38 Schools)
Percentage of pupils achieving the Key Stage 2 higher level 12.18%
(Based on 38 Schools)
Average GCSE Attainment 8 Score 46.73
(Based on 11 Schools)
A-Level (and equivalent) Average Points 37.12
(Based on 4 Schools)

Schools in Thurrock

School Inspection Rating Type Ages
Beacon Hill Academy
Erriff Drive, South Ockendon, RM15 5AY
Outstanding Academy (special) 3-19
Dilkes Academy
Garron Lane, South Ockendon, RM15 5JQ
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Harris Academy Chafford Hundred
Mayflower Road, Chafford Hundred, Grays, RM16 6SA
Outstanding Academy 11-19
Harris Primary Academy Chafford Hundred
Mayflower Road, Chafford Hundred, Grays, RM16 6SA
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Harris Primary Academy Mayflower
Mayflower Road, Chafford Hundred, RM16 6SA
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Quarry Hill Academy
Bradleigh Avenue, Grays, RM17 5UT
Outstanding Academy 2-11
Treetops School
Buxton Road, Grays, RM16 2WU
Outstanding Academy (special) 5-19
Abbots Hall Primary School
Abbotts Drive, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17 7BW
Good Academy 2-11
Arthur Bugler Primary School
St James Avenue East, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17 7BQ
Good Academy 5-11
Belmont Castle Academy
Parker Road, Grays, RM17 5YN
Good Academy 3-11
Benyon Primary School
Tyssen Place, South Ockendon, RM15 6PG
Good Academy 3-11
Bonnygate Primary School
Arisdale Avenue, South Ockendon, RM15 5BA
Good Academy 3-11
Chadwell St Mary Primary School
River View, Chadwell St Mary, Grays, RM16 4DH
Good Academy 5-11
Deneholm Primary School
Culford Road, Little Thurrock, Grays, RM16 2SS
Good Academy 4-11
East Tilbury Primary School
Princess Margaret Road, East Tilbury, RM18 8SB
Good Academy 4-11
Giffards Primary School
Queen Elizabeth Drive, Corringham, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17 7TG
Good Academy 4-11
Graham James Primary Academy
The Sorrells, Corringham, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17 7ES
Good Academy 2-11
Grays Convent High School
College Avenue, Grays, RM17 5UX
Good Secondary 11-16
Harris Academy Riverside
London Road, Purfleet, RM19 1QY
Good Academy 11-18
Herringham Primary Academy
St Mary’s Road, Chadwell St Mary, Grays, RM16 4JX
Good Academy 4-11
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
Daiglen Drive, South Ockendon, RM15 5RP
Good Academy 3-11
Horndon-On-the-Hill CofE Primary School
Hillcrest Road, Horndon-on-the-Hill, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17 8LR
Good Academy 2-11
Kenningtons Primary Academy
Tamar Drive, Aveley, South Ockendon, RM15 4NB
Good Academy 3-11
Lansdowne Primary Academy
Lansdowne Road, Tilbury, RM18 7QB
Good Academy 3-11
Olive AP Academy - Thurrock
Leicester Road, Tilbury, RM18 7AX
Good Academy 11-16
Ormiston Park Academy
Belhus Park Lane, Aveley, South Ockendon, RM15 4RU
Good Academy 11-19
Orsett Church of England Primary School
School Lane, Orsett, Grays, RM16 3JR
Good Academy 5-11
Ortu Corringham Primary School and Nursery
Herd Lane, Corringham, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17 9BH
Good Academy 2-11
Purfleet Primary Academy
Tank Hill Road, Purfleet, RM19 1TA
Good Academy 3-11
Shaw Primary Academy
Avon Green, South Ockendon, RM15 5QJ
Good Academy 3-11
Somers Heath Primary School
Foyle Drive, South Ockendon, RM15 5LX
Good Academy 3-11
St Clere’s School
Butts Lane, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17 0NW
Good Academy 11-16
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
Scratton Road, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17 0PA
Good Academy 4-11
St Mary’s Catholic Primary School
St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Calcutta Road, Tilbury, RM18 7QH
Good Academy 3-11
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School
Ward Avenue, Grays, RM17 5RW
Good Academy 4-11
Stanford-Le-Hope Primary School
Copland Road, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17 0DF
Good Academy 3-11
Stifford Clays Primary School
Whitmore Avenue, Stifford Clays, Grays, RM16 2ST
Good Academy 4-11
Thameside Primary School
Manor Road, Grays, RM17 6EF
Good Academy 3-11
The Gateway Academy
Marshfoot Road, Grays, RM16 4LU
Good Academy 11-16
The Gateway Primary Free School
Marshfoot Road, Grays, RM16 4LU
Good Academy 3-11
The Hathaway Academy
Hathaway Road, Grays, RM17 5LL
Good Academy 11-16
Tilbury Pioneer Academy
Dickens Avenue, Tilbury, RM18 8HJ
Good Academy 3-11
Tudor Court Primary School
Bark Burr Road, Chafford Hundred, Grays, RM16 6PL
Good Academy 3-11
Warren Primary School
Gilbert Road, Chafford Hundred, Grays, RM16 6NB
Good Academy 3-11
West Thurrock Academy
Schoolfield Road, Grays, RM20 3HR
Good Academy 3-11
Woodside Academy
Grangewood Avenue, Little Thurrock, Grays, RM16 2GJ
Good Academy 3-11
Aveley Primary School
Stifford Road, Aveley, South Ockendon, RM15 4AA
Requires improvement Academy 3-11
Bulphan Church of England Academy
Fen Lane, Bulphan, RM14 3RL
Requires improvement Academy 5-11
Ortu Hassenbrook Academy
Hassenbrook Road, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17 0NS
Requires improvement Academy 11-16
William Edwards School
Stifford Clays Road, Stifford Clays, Grays, RM16 3NJ
Requires improvement Academy 11-16
Harris Academy Ockendon
Erriff Drive, South Ockendon, RM15 5AY
Inadequate Secondary 11-18
Little Thurrock Primary School
Rectory Road, Grays, RM17 5SW
Inadequate Academy 3-11
Ortu Gable Hall School
Southend Road, Corringham, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17 8JT
Inadequate Academy 11-18