All My Friends at Brockworth Primary Academy

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About All My Friends at Brockworth Primary Academy

Name All My Friends at Brockworth Primary Academy
Address Brockworth Primary Academy, Moorfield Road, Brockworth, Gloucester, GL3 4JL
Phase Childcare on Non-Domestic Premises, Out-of day care
Gender Mixed
Local Authority Gloucestershire
Highlights from Latest Inspection

What is it like to attend this early years setting?

This provision meets requirements Children are happy to attend the warm and welcoming setting. They are collected from school by familiar and friendly staff who know them well.

Young children are taken promptly to the setting's room by their key person. They are familiar with routines and put their belongings away. Staff remind children to stay hydrated and take their drinks bottles from their bag.

Children help themselves to a piece of fruit if they are feeling hungry. The environment is well-organised and set up according to children's interests. Children eagerly make choices about their play.

They display high levels of concentration as they part in drawing and colouring activities. Children proudly show visitors a picture of a unicorn they have created. They gift staff pictures and cards that they have made during their day at school.

Children enjoy some quiet time if they wish. They crawl into a cosy and comfortable den where they play with sensory toys, such as popper mats, and take a few minutes for peace and quiet. Children know what resources are available and ask staff if they know where a specific car is.

The use their imagination as they push the car around on a sloped racing track.

What does the early years setting do well and what does it need to do better?

Staff support children's emotional needs well. They promote open discussion about the school day and encourage children to share any positive or negative experiences.

Staff take time to listen and provide children with reassurance and support. For example, they ask children if they would like help to speak to their parents about this at collection time.Children learn to follow effective hygiene routines.

They wash their hands before sitting down for snack. Staff supervise children from a distance when they wash their hands. This promotes a sense of trust and responsibility to complete tasks sensibly.

Children display good table manners. They are patient and engage in spontaneous conversation about out-of-school activities while they wait for their savoury muffin to toast.Staff promote children's independence.

For example, at snack time, children are provided with their own plate and knife and spread toppings for themselves. Staff monitor the sugar content of the foods provided for children. Children learn that only a small amount of honey is good for them.

This helps children to gain an understanding of healthy lifestyles and supports good oral health.Children form close friendships with their peers. They enjoy playing group games, such as football, and have opportunities to run and jump across the tyre track.

Young children display good levels of balance and coordination. They create their own games and take turns to call out what colour tyre is next. Staff are good role models and take turns to play alongside the children.

Children's behaviour is good. They are aware of the setting's rules and take turns each day to read these out to the group. This means children are reminded about what is expected from them.

However, further explanations about the importance of rules and why these are in place would benefit younger children's understanding.Leaders and managers have effective procedures in place to monitor the quality of the service they provide. Surveys are sent out to parents at the end of term to gather their views.

Parents are happy with the service the setting provides. They explain that their children are always happy to attend and state how they have grown in confidence. Parents feel well informed about children's experiences and appreciate regular communication by newsletter and email.

Staff form effective links with teachers and staff at the school. They make sure that they gather information at the end of the school day so this can be passed on to parents. An internal phone system has recently been installed between the setting's room and the school to promote the sharing of information further.

The manager works alongside her staff team on a regular basis. She implements comprehensive induction procedures to ensure that staff fully understand their roles and responsibilities. Staff clearly enjoy their role.

They feel supported by the manager and are able to approach her if they need any further information or would like to request further training.Children are confident to share their views of the setting. They sit next to visitors and request they read the card they have made for staff.

Children comment that when they started, everyone was really kind to them. They state that the adults are always there if they need help or become upset.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

Staff have a secure understanding of safeguarding practice. They attend regular child protection training to make sure their knowledge of how to keep children safe remains fully up to date. Staff accurately identify the indicators of abuse and outline the procedures to follow in the event of a concern for children's welfare.

They understand how to manage concerns about a colleague's practice and refer to the setting's whistle-blowing policy. Staff complete daily risk assessments on all areas of the setting. They recently introduced a risk assessment system that children complete for themselves to support them to take responsibility for managing their own safety.

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