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About Cornhill Kindergarten Limited

Name Cornhill Kindergarten Limited
Ofsted Inspections
Address 18 Cornhill Road, Urmston, Manchester, Lancashire, M41 5TJ
Phase Childcare on Non-Domestic Premises, Full day care
Gender Mixed
Local Authority Trafford
Highlights from Latest Inspection

What is it like to attend this early years setting?

The provision is outstanding

Children thrive at this exceptional nursery.

Their best interests and needs are at the centre of everything the staff do for them. Children are confident, talkative, and clearly love being in this nurturing, home-from-home environment. Children run to staff for hugs.

They delight in showing their key person photos and telling them about their news from home. Staff are highly skilled in engaging with the children. They take the time to explain to children what is right from wrong.

Staff also use picture prompts to help younger children and those less able to understand. Children are kind to each other an...d behave impeccably.Children constantly experience new learning that is exciting and meaningful to them.

Each day, children take an active role to decide what they would like to do. Staff expertly consider how to tailor activities children choose, to ensure their knowledge builds over time. When children build a bridge with wooden blocks, staff skilfully extend their learning by suggesting they experiment with varied materials to build bridges that are bigger and smaller.

Children learn to work together, take turns and persevere in order to succeed. They develop high levels of mathematical knowledge as they learn how to compare the sizes of the bridges they build. Staff take children to a local building site to watch the builders at work and take photos.

They use their new knowledge to build even more creative structures.

What does the early years setting do well and what does it need to do better?

The dedicated and inspirational management team has a precise vision for what they want children to achieve. They strive to ensure that all children become confident and curious and develop a love of learning.

Managers construct a curriculum that is ambitious and consistently embedded across the whole nursery. As children move through the nursery, their prior knowledge is continually extended and developed and individual personalities recognised.Learning opportunities are expertly interwoven throughout the daily routine.

Toddlers learn about respect and manners when they are 'special helpers'. They help to serve meals, remind their friends to say 'thank you' and help hand out their shoes after sleep time.Staff treat the children with sincere kindness and support them to consider each other's feelings.

The youngest children learn to look into the mirror and notice their smiles. Toddlers look at images of emotions to copy when looking at their reflection. The oldest children learn words, such as 'tired', 'excited' and 'frustrated', to help them to describe how they are feeling.

Staff skilfully ask children questions to help to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They encourage children to watch carefully and describe what they see when drops of different coloured inks are gradually mixed together with milk. Staff introduce new vocabulary such as 'shade' and 'pipette'.

This helps children to become eloquent communicators.The innovative staff provide all children with an exceptional range of physical development opportunities. They focus on children becoming confident to make marks from a young age.

Toddlers use both hands and arms to make giant circular marks in paint and crushed cereal. This helps children to develop the small muscles in their hands to begin to write. Older children's early writing efforts are cherished and used as signs for visitors across the nursery.

Staff provide children with the praise and encouragement they need to help them to succeed. Staff recognise children's unique characters and nurture their specific skills and talents. Children get a sticker to highlight their special efforts and successes.

Children feel proud about their achievements, believe in themselves and continue to try their best.In the awe-inspiring outdoor space, children explore and run free with their imaginations. They pretend they are pirates and climb aboard their 'pirate ship'.

Staff help extend their game, using exciting and imaginative narrative. Older children plant and tend to their vegetables, pick and wash the produce they grow and eat it for their snack.Children go on regular trips out and learn about their community.

They visit the butcher's shop and watch tree cutters at work. These rich experiences ignite curiosity and discussion around people's job roles. Staff use resources and pictures to support children's developing awareness of cultures different to their own.

Leaders value staff well-being and have trained mental health first aiders to provide another level of support. Staff receive first-class training and coaching to maintain their in-depth knowledge and high standards of early years education. Recently, staff have completed training on extending toddlers' language development.

This has contributed to the exceptional quality of interactions that frequently take place and children's excellent communication skills.Parents receive bespoke guidance to help them support children's learning at home. Staff work closely with parents and professionals to ensure those children who need extra help swiftly get the support they need.

Parents report that they 'cannot fault' the kindness, care and attention that staff give to their children.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.Staff have an excellent knowledge of safeguarding.

They know how to recognise if children are being exposed to discriminatory views and radicalisation. They understand their responsibility to refer concerns about a child and how to whistle-blow should concerns arise around the conduct of a colleague. Managers provide new staff with a thorough induction around their safeguarding and child-supervision responsibilities.

They meticulously monitor staff's ongoing suitability. Rigorous safety checks are carried out and staff are vigilant to hazards. An indoor air purifier ensures that children breathe air that is as clean as possible.

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