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About Gaddesby School Community Ltd Out of School Club

Name Gaddesby School Community Ltd Out of School Club
Address Gaddesby Primary School, Ashby Road, Gaddesby, LEICESTER, LE7 4WF
Phase Childcare on Non-Domestic Premises, Out-of day care
Gender Mixed
Local Authority Leicestershire
Highlights from Latest Inspection

What is it like to attend this early years setting?

This provision meets requirements Children enjoy attending the welcoming provision created by staff. They develop secure relationships with staff, which helps them feel happy and safe. Children enjoy exploring a range of resources and show their creativity and imagination.

They confidently share their ideas as they work together to build using magnetic shapes. Children explain that they are making bear traps. Staff encourage them to discuss the different features of bears and how big their trap would really have to be.

Children share resources happily and negotiate with each other while playing board games. They take it in turns to ask each other questions... and praise their friends when they win. Children wash their hands independently before enjoying a healthy snack.

They make sure there is enough fruit left for all their friends and ask staff politely if they want more, using 'please' and 'thank you'.Children behave well and understand the boundaries at the provision. They adhere to the rules and pay close attention to staff's requests.

For example, children listen carefully and wait for staff to count down in preparation to start a sack race. They jump and race against staff, laughing hysterically each time one of them rolls over or falls to a knee. Children learn about keeping themselves safe and why it is important to wear a helmet when riding bicycles.

Older children actively support younger children to navigate the play space while practising riding scooters and other wheeled toys.

What does the early years setting do well and what does it need to do better?

Staff carefully consider children's interests when planning activities and providing resources. They are aware of the skills and knowledge children are working on at school and actively try and support them through activities including games and puzzles.

Staff motivate children to demonstrate high levels of concentration and maintain a positive attitude.Staff help children develop firm friendships with each other and work together as a team during play. Children enjoy investigating how things work with staff.

For instance, staff help children to set up a 'slide' obstacle course down a hill in the grass area, using small plastic sleighs. Children move different cones and equipment and help pull each other down safely, laughing and modifying the course as they learn how it works.Staff encourage children to hold extensive conversations and show respect to one another.

Children can be heard asking each other 'how was your day?'. Staff show a genuine interest in children's ideas and help them be proud of things they do. They praise children for their creation out of blocks, and discuss the possibility of it looking like a Venus flytrap.

The children listen to staff in awe as they explain what a Venus flytrap is. They are curious and ask questions about how it catches flies.Children understand what staff expect of their behaviour and follow boundaries without being prompted.

When staff say that it is time to go outside, children line up and wait patiently. They collect a 'sash' if they need to go to the toilet, and stay within the allowed outside areas. Children take responsibility for their own belongings, and they help to put resources away when they have finished playing.

Children learn about healthy lifestyles. They have a wide variety of opportunities to be active outdoors and learn about healthy and unhealthy food. Staff put a vast amount of thought into the meals they provide for the children, including involving them in cooking activities.

Children practise creating and tasting a variety of new foods from around the world. Staff encourage them to share how they feel about these foods, receiving responses, such as 'I liked it all apart from falafel'.Leaders develop excellent working partnerships with staff at the school and local pre-school.

They actively seek out and share information about the children who attend the provision. This helps staff to support children's individual needs and emotional well-being.Parents are happy with how staff communicate with them, including the sharing of messages passed on from school and pre-school.

They say that staff are happy, friendly and helpful. Parents comment that staff answer their queries quickly and efficiently and are very flexible.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

Staff have a thorough and broad knowledge of how to keep children safe from harm. They know the children and families well. Staff demonstrate a good understanding of the signs and symptoms which indicate a child may be at risk of harm.

They are confident in fulfilling their responsibilities, including reporting any concerns to other professionals, such as social services. Staff teach children how to keep safe while using the internet. The online site which children use while at the setting has appropriate security systems installed.

There are clear visitor procedures in place, including checking identification. Staff check the environment regularly to ensure it is a safe place for children. There is an effective recruitment process and staff's ongoing suitability is monitored.

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