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About Lisle Marsden Childcare Ltd

Name Lisle Marsden Childcare Ltd
Ofsted Inspections
Address Lansdowne Avenue, GRIMSBY, North East Lincolnshire, DN32 0DF
Phase Childcare on Non-Domestic Premises
Gender Mixed
Local Authority NorthEastLincolnshire
Highlights from Latest Inspection

What is it like to attend this early years setting?

The provision is outstanding

Children's natural curiosity is promoted as they take part in a wide range of hands-on learning experiences. Staff skilfully enhance and extend children's play, supporting their imagination, exploration and communication skills. Qualified, experienced staff have high expectations for all children.

They ask lots of 'what', 'how' and 'why' questions, which broadens children's language skills and challenges them to think. For example, when children decided to make parachutes, staff encouraged them to consider how they would make these. Children thought carefully about what shape they should be and how they would attach them... together.

They busily investigated and worked together as they designed and created their parachutes.Children are becoming confident, self-assured individuals who interact and play cooperatively with their peers. They behave extremely well because they are so engrossed and stimulated in their play.

Children have great fun exploring outdoors, where they access an extensive range of resources and activities. They engage in lots of nature-based learning opportunities during forest school sessions. Children learn to stay safe as they recall the rules they must abide by during these exciting sessions.

Children's awareness of similarities and differences is supported through informative, real-life discussions. For example, parents visit the nursery to share information about their backgrounds and beliefs. This supports children to value their own unique qualities, while respecting the views and backgrounds of others.

What does the early years setting do well and what does it need to do better?

Children are happy and motivated to learn. They become deeply engrossed in their play as staff successfully engage and support them in their chosen experiences. Staff are extremely skilled and utilise these opportunities to build on children's prior knowledge and abilities.

They successfully incorporate lots of different learning opportunities into children's play, enabling each child to thrive.Children's learning and development are closely monitored throughout the nursery. This enables children who are at risk of falling behind in their development to be quickly identified.

Small, focused interactive sessions are then planned to support children in these specific areas. This results in gaps closing rapidly as children catch up with their peers. Every child is therefore provided with a firm foundation on which their future learning is built.

Highly effective partnership working with parents ensures the exchange of detailed information, enabling staff to meet children's individual care and learning needs. Flexible settling-in sessions support children to become familiar and confident in the nursery environment. Parents receive regular feedback on their child's progress, next steps in learning and ideas for how they can support these at home.

Staff translate this information into each family's home language, for children who speak English as an additional language. This successfully promotes the inclusion of all children.All children enjoy listening to stories.

Staff's use of props entices and enthrals younger children as they learn to sit and listen intently to a story. Staff use interactive storytelling sessions to explore children's understanding of feelings. For example, when children re-enacted a popular story, they considered the wolf may be lonely when he visits the three little pigs.

The children decided it would be kinder to make friends with the wolf. Older children's communication, imagination and literacy skills are promoted as they create their own story books. Staff encourage children to choose a range of objects out of a box and to use these to create a story.

Staff print the stories and children design their own images to represent it. The book is created and left accessible for all children to look at.Children are provided with appropriate clothing to wear when they take part in forest school sessions.

This enables children to get as dirty as they like as they explore their natural surroundings. Children have great fun playing in muddy puddles. They add more water to create an even bigger puddle, which they enjoy splashing in.

Staff provide children with a ruler so that they can consider how deep the puddle is before stepping into it. Children find sticks and explore the marks they can make in the mud, which supports their early writing skills.Staff work extremely well as a team and are happy and motivated.

Leaders and managers continually monitor staff practice and review how effectively they work together. They consider the strengths of each staff member and periodically move staff around so that staff continually complement each other. This helps to sharpen staff's skills and knowledge.

Staff well-being is continually monitored, which enables the manager to quickly identify and rectify any pressures they have with their workload.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.Children are protected from harm through vigilant and knowledgeable staff.

All staff are aware of a wide range of indicators of abuse and they understand the procedures to follow if they have any concerns about a child's well-being. Children's awareness of maintaining their own safety is extremely well promoted. As children develop confidence in the forest school sessions, staff plan activities and cooking experiences around a real fire.

Children are very closely supervised and staff teach them to keep safe in this environment. Informative discussions and age-appropriate stories are used to promote children's awareness of how to safely use online technology. Detailed information leaflets have also been provided to raise parents' awareness of how to keep their children safe when they use online applications.

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