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About Play2gether

Name Play2gether
Address Hartley Primary Academy, Round Ash Way, Hartley, Longfield, Kent, DA3 8BT
Phase Childcare on Non-Domestic Premises, Out-of day care
Gender Mixed
Local Authority Kent
Highlights from Latest Inspection

What is it like to attend this early years setting?

This provision meets requirements Children are eager to arrive at the club and they are confident, happy and settled. Children excitedly join in with the challenging and motivating play experiences that staff carefully plan for them. For example, they use a wide range of materials to create their own unique outfits as they become 'fashion designers'.

Children work together to make a large boat. They go on to explore whether their structures will float. Children have a positive attitude towards their play and are confident to communicate their ideas and try them out.

For instance, they suggest making smaller boats to have boat races. Children recap the club... rules daily and add to them if they wish too. Therefore, they are polite and behave well.

Children take pride in their achievements and are eager to be awarded with a 'praise prize'. These prizes are awarded to children to recognise their positive contributions to the club. This includes being kind and thoughtful.

Children have a secure understanding about the importance of healthy lifestyles. For example, they enjoy dentist role play and talk about how to keep their teeth clean and gums healthy. Children enjoy a wide variety of physical play opportunities.

Children follow rules and instructions and enjoy team games, such as chess, football and air hockey.

What does the early years setting do well and what does it need to do better?

All staff establish secure and trusting relationships with children. They get to know their individual personalities well, including their likes and dislikes.

This helps staff plan play experiences that they know will motivate children to join in. Children confidently take ownership of the club and have positive levels of self-esteem and well-being. They thoroughly enjoy the company of staff.

For example, children are excited to challenge them to a game of table tennis.Parents speak highly of the manager, staff and club. All staff build and maintain positive relationships with parents and keep them fully involved and informed.

For example, they send photos to parents sharing any moments that children are proud of achieving. Staff communicate with parents at the end of each day about what their children have enjoyed doing, this includes at the club and at school. For instance, they pass on any information shared from teachers.

The manager and staff effectively evaluate their practice together as a team. At the end of each day, they discuss how well they feel children enjoyed their experiences at the club. Staff ask children what they think could be done better and talk about what they can do next time.

They use the findings to support their future practice and activity plans. Staff encourage children to write down their ideas and suggestions on the plans about what they would like to do. This helps children feel valued and listened too.

The manager closely monitors the quality of care and play opportunities staff provide children. She regularly observes staff as they interact with them. In addition to this, staff observe each other as they interact and play with children.

They provide each other with helpful feedback to support their future performance. The manager and staff are dedicated to continue to enhance their practice. For example, they discuss that they wish to build on children's daily opportunities to manage their feelings, thoughts and emotions even further.

All staff, including the manager, established positive partnerships with the teachers at the school that children attend. Staff successfully provide children with a positive and consistent link between the school and club. They provide similar activities and experiences to those they enjoy at school, such as learning about planets and outer space.

All staff attend regular and beneficial training. For instance, they have recently learned about how to effectively engage boys in play. Staff used the knowledge they gained from this training to implement positive changes to the club.

As a result, boys now challenge stereotypes with confidence.Staff support children to develop high levels of knowledge and understanding of other peoples' similarities and differences outside of their own communities and experiences. This includes, religious beliefs, traditions and festivals celebrated from around the world.

For instance, children enjoy making a traditional Indian smoothie as they learn about Diwali.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.All staff, including the manager, have a secure and confident knowledge and understanding of the safeguarding and child protection policies.

They know who to contact to seek advice and how to raise and follow up any potential concerns. All staff keep their safeguarding knowledge up to date. For example, they attend regular training.

Staff discuss safeguarding in regular team meetings. They complete thorough risk assessments to help keep everyone at the club safe. This includes minimising the risk of COVID-19.

For example, there are thorough hygiene procedures in place. Children learn how to keep themselves and others safe. For instance, they are confident to highlight any potential risks, such as slip or trip hazards.

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