Schools Information for the Local Authority of North East Lincolnshire

Percentage of pupils who where offered their first choice primary school 97.03%
(Based on 1550 School Applications)
Percentage of pupils who where offered their first choice secondary school 93.96%
(Based on 1838 School Applications)
Percentage of pupils achieving the Key Stage 2 expected level 65.60%
(Based on 43 Schools)
Percentage of pupils achieving the Key Stage 2 higher level 8.23%
(Based on 43 Schools)
Average GCSE Attainment 8 Score 41.55
(Based on 11 Schools)
A-Level (and equivalent) Average Points 31.95
(Based on 3 Schools)

Schools in North East Lincolnshire

School Inspection Rating Type Ages
Eastfield Primary Academy
Margaret Street, Immingham, DN40 1LD
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Elliston Primary Academy
Elliston Street, Cleethopres, DN35 7HT
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Humberston Academy
Humberston Avenue, Humberston, Grimsby, DN36 4TF
Outstanding Academy 11-16
Humberston Park School
St Thomas Close, Humberston, Grimsby, DN36 4HS
Outstanding Academy (special) 3-19
Laceby Acres Primary Academy
Swiftsure Crescent, Grimsby, DN34 5QN
Outstanding Academy 4-11
Middlethorpe Primary Academy
Highthorpe Crescent, Cleethorpes, DN35 9PY
Outstanding Academy 2-11
Signhills Academy
Hardys Road, Cleethorpes, DN35 0DN
Outstanding Academy 7-11
Waltham Toll Bar Academy
Station Road, New Waltham, Grimsby, DN36 4RZ
Outstanding Academy 11-18
Beacon Academy
Chatsworth Place, Cleethorpes, DN35 9NF
Good Academy 11-16
Bursar Primary Academy
Clee Road, Cleethorpes, DN35 9HU
Good Academy 3-11
Cambridge Park Academy
Cambridge Road, Grimsby, DN34 5EB
Good Academy (special) 3-19
Cleethorpes Academy
Grainsby Avenue, Cleethorpes, DN35 9NX
Good Academy 11-16
Coomb Briggs Primary Academy
Roval Drive, Immingham, DN40 2DY
Good Academy 4-11
East Ravendale CofE Primary School Academy
East Ravendale, Grimsby, DN37 0RX
Good Academy 3-11
Edward Heneage Primary Academy
Edward Street, Grimsby, DN32 9HL
Good Academy 3-11
Enfield Academy of New Waltham
Enfield Avenue, New Waltham, Grimsby, DN36 4RB
Good Academy 4-11
Fairfield Academy
Mendip Avenue, Scartho, Grimsby, DN33 3AE
Good Academy 3-11
Franklin College
Chelmsford Avenue, Grimsby, DN34 5BY
Good Sixth Form College 16-99
Grange Primary School
Cambridge Road, Grimsby, DN34 5TA
Good Primary 3-11
Great Coates Primary School
Cromwell Road, Grimsby, DN37 9EN
Good Academy 3-11
Havelock Academy
Holyoake Road, Grimsby, DN32 8JH
Good Academy 11-18
Healing Primary Academy
Fords Avenue, Healing, Grimsby, DN41 7RS
Good Academy 5-11
Humberston Cloverfields Academy
St Thomas Close, Humberston, Grimsby, DN36 4HS
Good Academy 2-11
John Whitgift Academy
Crosland Road, Grimsby, DN37 9EH
Good Academy 11-16
155-159 Freeman Street, Grimsby, DN32 7AP
Good Independent 14-19
Lisle Marsden Church of England Primary Academy
Lansdowne Avenue, Grimsby, DN32 0DF
Good Academy 4-11
Littlecoates Primary Academy
Harlow Street, Grimsby, DN31 2QX
Good Academy 2-11
Macaulay Primary Academy
Macaulay Street, Grimsby, DN31 2ES
Good Academy 3-11
New Waltham Academy
Peaks Lane, New Waltham, Grimsby, DN36 4NH
Good Academy 2-11
Oasis Academy Immingham
Pelham Road, Immingham, DN40 1JU
Good Academy 11-18
Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe
Sutcliffe Avenue, Grimsby, DN33 1AW
Good Academy 3-11
Oasis Academy Wintringham
Weelsby Avenue, Grimsby, DN32 0AZ
Good Academy 11-16
Old Clee Primary Academy
Colin Avenue, Grimsby, DN32 8EN
Good Academy 3-11
Ormiston Maritime Academy
Westward Ho, Grimsby, DN34 5AH
Good Academy 11-16
Ormiston South Parade Academy
South Parade, Grimsby, DN31 1TU
Good Academy 3-11
Phoenix Park Academy
Harold Street, Grimsby, DN32 7NQ
Good Academy 7-16
Pilgrim Academy
Allerton Drive, Immingham, DN40 2HP
Good Academy 3-11
Queen Mary Avenue Infant School
Queen Mary Avenue, Cleethorpes, DN35 7SY
Good Primary 3-7
Reynolds Primary Academy
Machray Place, Cleethorpes, DN35 7LJ
Good Academy 3-11
Saint Joseph’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy
Philip Avenue, Cleethorpes, DN35 9DL
Good Academy 3-11
Saint Mary’s Catholic Voluntary Academy
Wellington Street, Grimsby, DN32 7JX
Good Academy 3-11
Scartho Junior Academy
Edge Avenue, Scartho, Grimsby, DN33 2DH
Good Academy 7-11
Signhills Infant Academy
Hardys Road, Cleethorpes, DN35 0DN
Good Academy 5-7
Springfield Primary Academy
Springwood Crescent, Grimsby, DN33 3HG
Good Academy 3-11
St Peter’s CofE Primary School
Cambridge Street, Cleethorpes, DN35 8LW
Good Academy 4-11
Stallingborough CofE Primary School
Station Road, Stallingborough, Grimsby, DN41 8AP
Good Primary 4-11
Stanford Junior and Infant School
Cooper Lane, Laceby, Grimsby, DN37 7AX
Good Primary 4-11
Strand Primary Academy
Strand Street, Grimsby, DN32 7BE
Good Academy 3-11
TEC Partnership
Nuns Corner, Grimsby, DN34 5BQ
Good Further Education 14-99
The Canon Peter Hall CofE Primary School
Pelham Road, Immingham, DN40 1JS
Good Academy 3-11
The Humberston CofE Primary School
Church Lane, Humberston, Grimsby, DN36 4HZ
Good Primary 4-11
Thrunscoe Primary and Nursery Academy
Trinity Road, Cleethorpes, DN35 8UL
Good Academy 3-11
Waltham Leas Primary Academy
Manor Drive, Waltham, Grimsby, DN37 0NU
Good Academy 5-11
Weelsby Academy
Weelsby Street, Grimsby, DN32 7PF
Good Academy 3-11
Welholme Academy
Welholme Road, Grimsby, DN32 9JD
Good Academy 2-11
Western Primary School
Broadway, Grimsby, DN34 5RS
Good Primary 3-11
William Barcroft Junior School
Barnett Place, Cleethorpes, DN35 7SU
Good Academy 7-11
Willows Academy
Queensway, Grimsby, DN37 9AT
Good Academy 3-11
Wybers Wood Academy
Timberley Drive, Grimsby, DN37 9QZ
Good Academy 5-11
Yarborough Academy
Yarrow Road, Grimsby, DN34 4JU
Good Academy 3-11
Best Futures
The Stables, Church Lane, Grimsby, DN37 7AW
Requires improvement Independent (special) 5-11
Healing Academy
Low Road, Healing, Grimsby, DN41 7QD
Requires improvement Academy 11-16
Scartho Infants’ School and Nursery
Edge Avenue, Grimsby, DN33 2DH
Requires improvement Primary 3-7
The Orchard Independent Special School
Unit 1, Sargon Way, Great Grimsby Business Park, DN37 9PH
Requires improvement Independent (special) 12-16
Woodlands Academy
Pinewood Crescent, Grimsby, DN33 1RJ
Requires improvement Academy 3-11