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Schools information for the local authority of Slough

Percentage of pupils who where offered their first choice primary school 88.03%
(Based on 2239 School Applications)
Percentage of pupils who where offered their first choice secondary school 56.09%
(Based on 2371 School Applications)
Percentage of pupils achieving the Key Stage 2 expected level 70.58%
(Based on 26 Schools)
Percentage of pupils achieving the Key Stage 2 higher level 13.96%
(Based on 26 Schools)
Average GCSE Attainment 8 Score 54.55
(Based on 14 Schools)
A-Level (and equivalent) Average Points 29.16
(Based on 12 Schools)

Schools in Slough

School Inspection Rating Type Ages
Baylis Court School
Gloucester Avenue, Slough, SL1 3AH
Outstanding Academy 11-18
Castleview Primary School
Woodstock Avenue, Slough, SL3 7LJ
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Eden Girls’ School, Slough
183-187 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 4AA
Outstanding Academy 11-18
Herschel Grammar School
Northampton Avenue, Slough, SL1 3BW
Outstanding Academy 11-18
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
High Street, Langley, Slough, SL3 8NF
Outstanding Primary 3-11
Khalsa Primary School
Wexham Road, Slough, SL2 5QR
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Langley Grammar School
Reddington Drive, Langley, SL3 7QS
Outstanding Academy 11-18
Lynch Hill School Primary Academy
Garrard Road, Slough, SL2 2AN
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Montem Academy
Chalvey Grove, Slough, SL1 2TE
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Slough and Eton Church of England Business and Enterprise College
Ragstone Road, Slough, SL1 2PU
Outstanding Academy 11-18
St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School
1 Langley Road, Slough, SL3 7AF
Outstanding Secondary 11-18
The Langley Academy Primary
Langley Road, Langley, Slough, SL3 7EF
Outstanding Academy 3-11
The Westgate School
Cippenham Lane, Slough, SL1 5AH
Outstanding Academy 11-18
Upton Court Grammar School
Lascelles Road, Slough, SL3 7PR
Outstanding Academy 11-18
Al-Madani Girls School
339 - 341 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 5PR
Good Independent 11-16
Al-Madani Independent Grammar School
1 Whittle Parkway, Slough, SL1 6FE
Good Independent 11-16
Claycots School
Monksfield Way, Slough, SL2 1QX
Good Primary 3-11
Colnbrook Church of England Primary School
High Street, Colnbrook, SL3 0JZ
Good Academy 4-11
Ditton Park Academy
Kings Reach, Slough, SL3 7UX
Good Academy 11-19
Foxborough Primary School
Common Road, Langley, Slough, SL3 8TX
Good Academy 3-11
Haybrook College
112 Burnham Lane, Slough, SL1 6LZ
Good Academy 11-19
Iqra Slough Islamic Primary School
Fernside, Wexham Road, Slough, SL2 5FF
Good Primary 4-11
James Elliman Academy
Elliman Avenue, Slough, SL2 5BA
Good Academy 3-11
Langley Hall Primary Academy
Station Road, Langley, SL3 8GW
Good Academy 4-11
Littledown School
Queens Road, Slough, SL1 3QW
Good Academy (special) 5-11
Marish Primary School
Swabey Road, Langley, Slough, SL3 8NZ
Good Academy 3-11
Our Lady of Peace Catholic Primary and Nursery School
Derwent Drive, Slough, SL1 6HW
Good Primary 3-11
Penn Wood Primary and Nursery School
Penn Road, Slough, SL2 1PH
Good Primary 3-11
Phoenix Infant Academy
Warrington Avenue, Slough, SL1 3BQ
Good Academy 5-7
Pippins School
Raymond Close, Rodney Way, Slough, SL3 0PR
Good Primary 3-11
Priory School
Orchard Avenue, Slough, SL1 6HE
Good Primary 3-11
Ryvers School
Trelawney Avenue, Langley, Slough, SL3 7TS
Good Academy 3-11
St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School
Farnham Road, Farnham Royal, Slough, SL2 3AA
Good Academy 3-11
St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School
Wexham Road, Slough, SL2 5QR
Good Academy 3-11
St Joseph’s Catholic High School
Shaggy Calf Lane, Slough, SL2 5HW
Good Academy 11-18
St Mary’s Church of England Primary School
Yew Tree Road, Slough, SL1 2AR
Good Primary 3-11
The Cippenham School
Elmshott Lane, Cippenham, Slough, SL1 5RB
Good Academy 4-11
The Godolphin Junior Academy
Oatlands Drive, Slough, SL1 3HS
Good Academy 7-11
The Langley Academy
Langley Road, Langley, Slough, SL3 7EF
Good Academy 11-18
The Langley Heritage Primary
Kennett Road, Langley, Slough, SL3 8EQ
Good Academy 3-11
Western House Academy
Richards Way, Cippenham, Slough, SL1 5TJ
Good Academy 3-11
Wexham Court Primary School
Church Lane, Wexham, Slough, SL3 6LU
Good Primary 3-11
Wexham School
Norway Drive, Slough, SL2 5QP
Good Secondary 11-19
Willow Primary School
Fernside Off Wexham Rd, Slough, SL2 5FF
Good Academy 3-11
Windsor Forest Colleges Group
Station Road, Langley, Slough, SL3 8BY
Good Further Education 16-99
Beechwood School
Long Readings Lane, Slough, SL2 1QE
Requires improvement Academy 11-18
Arbour Vale School
Farnham Road, Farnham Royal, Slough, SL2 3AE
Inadequate Academy (special) 2-19
Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy
Stoke Road, Slough, SL2 5AY
Inadequate Secondary 11-18