Schools Information for the Local Authority of Greenwich

Percentage of pupils who where offered their first choice primary school 90.55%
(Based on 3302 School Applications)
Percentage of pupils who where offered their first choice secondary school 65.16%
(Based on 3229 School Applications)
Percentage of pupils achieving the Key Stage 2 expected level 73.13%
(Based on 64 Schools)
Percentage of pupils achieving the Key Stage 2 higher level 15.05%
(Based on 64 Schools)
Average GCSE Attainment 8 Score 51.13
(Based on 14 Schools)
A-Level (and equivalent) Average Points 33.66
(Based on 8 Schools)

Schools in Greenwich

School Inspection Rating Type Ages
Bannockburn Primary School
Plumstead High Street, London, SE18 1HE
Outstanding Primary 3-11
Brooklands Primary School
Medebourne Close, Casterbridge Road, London, SE3 9AB
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Cardwell Primary School
118 Frances Street, Woolwich, London, SE18 5LP
Outstanding Primary 3-11
Christ Church Church of England Primary School, Shooters Hill
Shooters Hill, London, SE18 3RS
Outstanding Primary 5-11
Deansfield Primary School
Dairsie Road, Eltham, London, SE9 1XP
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Foxfield Primary School
Sandbach Place, London, SE18 7EX
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Harris Academy Greenwich
Middle Park Avenue, Eltham, London, SE9 5EQ
Outstanding Academy 11-18
Heronsgate Primary School
Whinchat Road, London, SE28 0EA
Outstanding Primary 3-11
Millennium Primary School
50 John Harrison Way, Greenwich, London, SE10 0BG
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary School
16 Highcombe, Charlton, London, SE7 7HR
Outstanding Primary 4-11
Serenity School Eltham
70 Court Road, London, SE9 5NP
Outstanding Independent (special) 5-18
Sherington Primary School
Wyndcliff Road, Charlton, London, SE7 7JP
Outstanding Primary 3-11
St Mary’s Catholic Primary School
Glenure Road, Eltham, London, SE9 1UF
Outstanding Academy 3-11
St Peter’s Catholic Primary School
Crescent Road, London, SE18 7BN
Outstanding Primary 5-11
St Ursula’s Convent School
Crooms Hill, Greenwich, London, SE10 8HN
Outstanding Secondary 11-16
Willow Dene School
Swingate Lane, Plumstead, SE18 2JD
Outstanding Academy (special) 2-16
Windrush Primary School
2 Bentham Road, Thamesmead, London, SE28 8AR
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Windrush Primary School (Charlton Site)
775 Woolwich Rd, Charlton, SE7 8LN
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Wingfield Primary School
Ensign Street, London, SE3 9GJ
Outstanding Academy 3-11
Alderwood Primary School
Rainham Close, Eltham, London, SE9 2JH
Good Academy 3-11
Alexander McLeod Primary School
Fuchsia Street, London, SE2 0QS
Good Primary 5-11
Ark Greenwich Free School
403 Shooters Hill Road, London, SE18 4LH
Good Academy 11-18
Bellerbys College London
Bounty House, Stowage, London, SE8 3DE
Good Independent 15-23
Bishop John Robinson Church of England Primary School
Hoveton Road, Thamesmead, London, SE28 8LW
Good Primary 3-11
Blackheath Bluecoat Church of England School
Old Dover Road, Blackheath, London, SE3 8SY
Good Secondary 11-18
Boxgrove Primary School
Boxgrove Road, Abbey Wood, Greenwich, SE2 9JP
Good Primary 3-11
Charlton Manor Primary School
Indus Road, London, SE7 7EF
Good Primary 3-11
Charlton Park Academy
Charlton Park Road, Charlton, London, SE7 8HX
Good Academy (special) 11-19
Cherry Orchard Primary School
Rectory Field Crescent, Marlborough Lane, London, SE7 7DG
Good Primary 3-11
Christ Church Church of England Primary School
45 Commerell Street, Greenwich, London, SE10 0DZ
Good Primary 4-11
Conway Primary School
Gallosson Road, London, SE18 1QY
Good Primary 3-11
Discovery Primary School
Battery Road, London, SE28 0JN
Good Primary 3-11
Ealdham Primary School
Ealdham Square, Eltham, London, SE9 6BP
Good Primary 3-11
Eltham Church of England Primary School
Roper Street, Eltham, London, SE9 1TR
Good Primary 3-11
Eltham Hill School
Eltham Hill, London, SE9 5EE
Good Secondary 11-19
Fossdene Primary School
Victoria Way, Charlton, London, SE7 7NQ
Good Primary 3-11
Gallions Mount Primary School
Purrett Road, Plumstead, London, SE18 1JR
Good Primary 3-11
Gordon Primary School
Earlshall Road, Eltham, London, SE9 1QG
Good Primary 3-11
Greenacres Primary School and Language Impairment Unit
Witherston Way, Eltham, London, SE9 3JN
Good Academy 2-11
Greenslade Primary School
Erindale, Plumstead Common, London, SE18 2QQ
Good Primary 3-11
Haimo Primary School
Haimo Road, Eltham, London, SE9 6DY
Good Primary 3-11
Halstow Primary School
Halstow Road, Greenwich, London, SE10 0LD
Good Academy 5-11
Henwick Primary School
Henwick Road, Eltham, London, SE9 6NZ
Good Primary 3-11
Horn Park Primary School
Alnwick Road, Lee, London, SE12 9BT
Good Academy 3-11
Invicta Primary School
Invicta Road, Greenwich, London, SE3 7HE
Good Primary 3-11
Invicta Primary School (Deptford Site)
Trevithick Street, London, SE8 3HL
Good Primary 3-11
James Wolfe Primary School and Centre for the Deaf
Royal Hill, London, SE10 8RZ
Good Primary 3-11
Kidbrooke Park Primary School
202a Holburne Road, London, SE3 8JG
Good Primary 3-11
King’s Oak School
Eltham Palace Road, Eltham, London, SE9 5LX
Good Special 11-16
Linton Mead Primary School
Central Way, Thamesmead, London, SE28 8DT
Good Primary 3-11
Meridian Primary School
Old Woolwich Road, Greenwich, London, SE10 9NY
Good Primary 3-11
Middle Park Primary School
Middle Park Avenue, Eltham, London, SE9 5RX
Good Primary 3-11
Montbelle Primary School
Milverton Way, Eltham, London, SE9 3EY
Good Primary 3-11
Morden Mount Primary School
Lewisham Road, London, SE13 7QP
Good Primary 3-11
Mulgrave Primary School
Rectory Place, Woolwich, London, SE18 5DL
Good Primary 3-11
Nightingale Primary School
Bloomfield Road, Woolwich, London, SE18 7JJ
Good Academy 3-11
Notre Dame Catholic Primary School
169 Eglinton Road, London, SE18 3SJ
Good Primary 5-11
Plumcroft Primary School
Plum Lane, Plumstead, London, SE18 3HW
Good Primary 3-11
Plumcroft Primary School (Vincent Road site)
Vincent Road, London, SE18 6RG
Good Primary 3-11
Plumstead Manor School
Old Mill Road, London, SE18 1QF
Good Secondary 11-19
Pulse and Water College
138 Eynsham Drive, Abbey Wood, Greenwich, SE2 9PT
Good Independent 11-18
Rockliffe Manor Primary School
Bassant Road, London, SE18 2NP
Good Academy 3-11
Royal Greenwich Trust School
765 Woolwich Road, Greenwich, London, SE7 8LJ
Good Academy 11-19
Saint Mary Magdalene Church of England All Through School
Kingsman Street, London, SE18 5PW
Good Other 3-18
Saint Mary Magdalene Church of England All Through School (Peninsula Campus)
1 Hendon Street, London, SE10 0NF
Good Other 3-18
Shooters Hill Sixth Form College
Red Lion Lane, London, SE18 4LD
Good Academy 16-19
Social Arts for Education
253 Eltham High Street, London, SE9 1TY
Good Independent (special) 11-19
South Rise Primary School
Brewery Road, Plumstead, London, SE18 7PX
Good Academy 3-11
St Alfege with St Peter’s Church of England Primary School
Creek Road, Greenwich, London, SE10 9RB
Good Primary 3-11
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
Commerell Street, Greenwich, London, SE10 9AN
Good Primary 4-11
St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School
Cole Close, Thamesmead, London, SE28 8GB
Good Primary 3-11
St Margaret’s Church of England Primary School
St Margaret’s Grove, Plumstead, London, SE18 7RL
Good Primary 3-11
St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School
St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Griffin Road, Plumstead, London, SE18 7QG
Good Primary 3-11
St Paul’s Academy
Finchale Road, Abbey Wood, London, SE2 9PX
Good Academy 11-16
St Thomas A Becket Roman Catholic Primary School
Mottisfont Road, Abbey Wood, London, SE2 9LY
Good Primary 3-11
St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School
Footscray Road, Eltham, London, SE9 2SU
Good Academy 11-16
St Thomas More Catholic Primary School
Appleton Road, Eltham, London, SE9 6NS
Good Primary 4-11
Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy
145 Bexley Road, Eltham, London, SE9 2PT
Good Academy 11-18
StreetVibes Media Academy
6 Eltham High Street, London, SE9 1DA
Good Independent 11-19
The Halley Academy
Corelli Road, London, SE3 8EP
Good Academy 11-19
Thomas Tallis School
Kidbrooke Park Road, London, SE3 9PX
Good Secondary 11-19
Thorntree Primary School
Thorntree Road, London, SE7 8AE
Good Primary 3-11
Timbercroft Primary School
Timbercroft Lane, Plumstead, London, SE18 2SG
Good Academy 3-11
Waterside School
Robert Street, London, SE18 7NB
Good Special 5-11
Wize Up
579 Westhorne Avenue, Eltham, London, SE9 6DN
Good Independent (special) 11-16
Woodhill Primary School
Woodhill, London, SE18 5JE
Good Academy 3-11
Woolwich Polytechnic School
Hutchins Road, Thamesmead, London, SE28 8AT
Good Academy 11-19
Wyborne Primary School
Footscray Road, New Eltham, London, SE9 2EH
Good Primary 3-11
De Lucy Primary School
Cookhill Road, Abbey Wood, London, SE2 9PD
Requires improvement Primary 3-11
Eglinton Primary School
Paget Rise, London, SE18 3PY
Requires improvement Primary 3-11
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Tudway Road, Kidbrooke, London, SE3 9YX
Requires improvement Primary 3-11
International Academy of Greenwich
21 Meadowcourt Road, 1st Floor King’s Church, London, SE3 9DU
Requires improvement Secondary 11-19
Greenwich Engineering and Medical School
31 Thomas Street, Woolwich, SE18 6HU
Inadequate Independent 15-18
Hawksmoor School
Bentham Road, Thamesmead, London, SE28 8AS
Inadequate Primary 3-11
Right Choice Independent Special School
First Floor, 1-4 Beresford Square, London, SE18 6BB
Inadequate Independent 12-18
The John Roan School
Westcombe Park Road, Blackheath, London, SE3 7QR
Inadequate Academy 11-18